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Why Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy Needs to Include Video

Posted by Sandra Mitchell on Jul 10, 2015 6:00:00 AM


A question for all you manufacturing marketers out there: Have you developed and implemented a mobile video plan, yet? If not, research shows you're missing out on a significant marketing opportunity for greater brand awareness, increased sales, and improved customer support.

Mobile Marketing on the Rise

The research reported by and highlights just how much mobile video can impact your manufacturing marketing strategy: 

  • By early 2017, mobile browsing will reach parity with desktop browsing.
  • Since the beginning of 2014, consumer mobile ad exposure has not just surpassed desktop, but has increased nearly 40 percent over the last five quarters.
  • Smart phone users are more likely to share brand content.
  • As of April of this year, 50 percent of YouTube viewing was done via smart phones (up 10 percent from October 2014!).
  • Eighty-one percent of 18-34 year olds own smart phones, and those smart phones reach that age group more than any other device.
  • Viewers watching video on their phones are less distracted than those watching video on desktops, tablets, and TVs. And, if the viewer is a millennial, he or she is two times more likely to be focused while watching video on a smart phone vs. desktop or TV.
  • In a typical day, 98 percent of millennials report using smart phones to watch video content.


Increase Sales and Improve Customer Support

Focus on Customer Needs
If you're unsure of what content will most engage your industrial clients, get together with your sales staff or customer support team. What pain points are your customers experiencing? What questions are being asked by clients over and over? That's where the gold is. Helping current and prospective clients do things with less pain and more efficiently will win every time.

Build Brand Awareness and to Tell Your Story
Video can be used to showcase your business's products, processes, and culture, which may help prospective clients, as well as prospective employees, feel good about choosing your company. Showcase how customers are benefiting from using your products. Weave in a bit of brand information and company culture to put a human face on your company.

Leverage Video as Part of a Larger Campaign
Your manufacturing marketing strategy could also include cross-channel campaigns. Is there an app, social media program, or online advertising campaign that can be created as a companion experience to your mobile video strategy? Reaching consumers at all points of the buyers' journey through meaningful and memorable interactions will likely enhance present and future customers' confidence and increase sales.

Focus on Quality Content
If you don't have quality content, not only will audiences click off your video, but your video won't be shared. However, one video fails to engage your audience doesn't mean that you won't be spot on with a different approach. Revisit your marketing personas and their pain points, refocus, and try again.

Keep it Concise
We all know most users have short attention spans, so keep your videos between thirty seconds and two minutes. 

Include a Call to Action
What do you want users to do after they watch your video? Share it? Go to your website for more information? Download additional content. Make sure you've included a next step that can be tracked.


Start Planning Your Mobile Video Marketing Campaign Today

As the research shows, mobile video is still relatively underutilized by manufacturers. As mobile usage continues to increase, manufacturing marketers have an opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition.

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